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The Rochester Section of the Optical Society of America is a group of people in the optics industry interested in promoting the knowledge of optics for the local community.


Etendue And What You Can Etendue With It


             Talk by Josh Cobb




Illumination engineers use the ├ętendue for numerous radiometry calculations and optical designers use the optical invariant as an aid to system design.  This talk is intended to review the concepts and present a wide variety of examples that show tips, tricks, and back of the envelope calculations that can put a different perspective on system design.   


Enjoy this talk on January 27th at 7:00 PM.
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Using Optics to Inspire Middle School Students!

Our educational outreach efforts help inspire middle school students!

Please see the outreach page below for the media coverage highlighted by the OSA Foundation.  
Media coverage on our educational outreach

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Educational Activities

The Rochester Section is active in the support of optics education in area schools. The Rochester Section developed its Optics Suitcase in 1999. The Optics Suitcase is an innovative, interactive presentation package designed to introduce middle school students to many of the concepts of optics as well as other sciences.

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