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The Rochester Section of the Optical Society of America is a group of people in the optics industry interested in promoting the knowledge of optics for the local community.

Successful Implementation of Precision Optical Systems Utilizing Polymeric Materials


             Talk by David Schmidt




Optical systems can be improved or ruined by the use of plastic optical materials.  To successfully utilize plastic materials in precision optical systems, each stage of the design and implementation is different in its details from conventional glass systems.  Material selection, optical design rules, drawing requirements, manufacturing limitations and assembly practices are presented to give a path to success for the optical designer and system engineer who wish to use plastic optics.  Real examples from imaging devices such as laparoscopes, cameras objectives and eyepieces will be given.  Both the advantages and limitations of polymeric materials will be summarized.


Enjoy this talk on December 16th at 7:00 PM.
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Using Optics to Inspire Middle School Students!

Our educational outreach efforts help inspire middle school students!

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The Rochester Section is active in the support of optics education in area schools. The Rochester Section developed its Optics Suitcase in 1999. The Optics Suitcase is an innovative, interactive presentation package designed to introduce middle school students to many of the concepts of optics as well as other sciences.

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