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Honorary Members of the OSA Rochester Section

Individuals who have made unique, innovative and lasting contributions to the local field of optics are eligible for election as Honorary Members. Typically, only one Honorary Member is elected in a a calendar year. The OSA-RS Council may choose to elect more than one individual to this position under special circumstances. 


To be elected, the Council must vote unanimously in the favor of the nominated.


To nominate an individual for Honorary Membership, please send a brief one-page advocacy statement discussing the candidate to:


OSA Rochester Section
Attn: Jason Rama,

Newport Corporation, 

705 St. Paul Street, Rochester,

NY - 14605


   OSA-RS Honorary Members

Joseph Altman   Gene Kohlenberg
Thomas G. Brown   Robert Lambers
John Bruning   Erwin G. Loewen
M. John Buzawa   Roger Loveland
Vance Carpenter   Geraldine Lynch
Paul Conrow Duncan Moore

Erwin Delano

  Michael Morris
Theresa Donlon Robert Novak
Jay Eastman   Paul Roetling
Parker Givens   Douglas Sinclair
Donald Golini   Charles Spoelhof
Douglas Goodman   Carlos Stroud Jr.
Stephen Jacobs   Brian Thompson
David B. Kay   Emil Wolf
Tanya Z. Kosc  

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